SFDC HERO for the month of February

Meet Amit Singh, SaaSnic Technologies second SFDC Hero for the month of February. He started his career in the Salesforce industry in the year 2015 January Month. He loved to use Java code for developing in earlier college days. At the start of his career, he got a chance to know more about Salesforce and choose it as a full-time career/profession. He has strong programming skills in Apex and Salesforce.com development including:
  • Expert in Force.com development and customization
  • Salesforce Integration and Lightning Expert.
  • Certifed Lightning Champion
  • Certifed Einstein Analytics - ADVANCED Accreditation
  • 5X Salesforce Certifed
SaaSnic Technologies appreciate his capacity of learning Salesforce latest update and contribution for salesforce communities. We wish him for great success in his professional life.

Q. When you have started your Career in Salesforce?

I started my Salesforce Career in January 2015. I was enthusiastic about coding since my college days. In college days I used to code in java and then I got college campus placement in Astrea IT Services. In Astrea, I got chance to learn and know about Salesforce since then it has become the never-ending journey for me.

Q. How you came to know about Salesforce?

Frankly speaking, I was completely unaware about the Salesforce while I was in my college days and as I mentioned I was very lucky to get placed in a company where I got chance to learn Salesforce since my beginning of the career. Now, it is my addiction towards salesforce.

Q. What are your Salesforce expertise?

I love everything Salesforce but Salesforce. As Salesforce is widely spread because of its flexibility to integrate with 3rd party application and Its up-gradation to lightning fast features. So My expertise is in Integration and Lightning Development.

Q. What you want to do for the Salesforce community?

I believe in give and take policy. So, I would like to give back my knowledge to the community and want to learn from the community. Knowledge sharing is the only way to enhance your capabilities and others too. Also, I am running a blog where I am publishing the content to help the others.

Q. What are your further plans for the betterment of the Salesforce?

Contribute to ideas of Salesforce, Building some dynamic applications and component of Non-profit. So that people across the community can benefit from it.

Q. Any ideas you want to share for the improvement of Salesforce?

It would be great if we have a mobile application from where we can login into the community and help the Ohana.

Q. How much you are convinced with the concept of SFDC Hero?

It's really good because someone is rewarded for its contribution, knowledge sharing to the community. It gives him the boost and others too to come forward and contribute to community knowledge sharing.

Q. Few motivational words you want to share for the betterment of the new people in Salesforce?

Inject trailhead in your blood and you will become champion in Salesforce. Keep trying, Keep sharing. Live your life with Salesforce. Have a Great Day and Make it Great Day.

Q. Since how long have you been serving the Salesforce Community?

Since 2015

Q. Why do you think you should be chosen as the SFDC_Hero?

The job of a hero is to help everyone and guide to the correct and this is what I am doing with Success Community, Github, Blogs and Developer Community, twitter

Q. How many ideas you have posted on Salesforce Community?


Q. Complete the sentence. SFDC HERO is.......

The one who helps the others to solve their problems and make the Ohana Successful.

Q. Best answer in Salesforce community?



My name is Amit Singh. I am Computer Science graduate with honors, I have been working in Salesforce since last 3 years. Currently working as a Senior Salesforce Developer in Pure Software Private Limited Noida. Creator of SFDCPanther blog.



Salesforce Certifed