SFDC HERO for the month of April

Meet Bhavna Banodha 4th SFDC Hero of SaaSnic Technologies for the month of April. She holds 2 certification of salesforce and working as salesforce consultant in CRM domain. She also has a collection of Trailhead 300 badges. She is always excited to contribute for salesforce communities. She has working experience of Salesforce and its Development Life Cycle on Agile methodology as well as in SDLC. She has enough knowledge about salesforce CRM in Apparel/Fashion, Real estate and Call centre sector. Her key skills are:
  • Salesforce and Sugar CRM
  • Application Configuration and Customization
  • Salesforce.com: Apex, Visual Force, SOQL, SOSL, Apex Triggers, Workflows, Approvals, Email Templates, Formulas, Validation Rules, AppExchange, Eclipse
  • Force.com IDE
  • ApexDataLoader
  • Roles & Profiles
  • Territory Management
She loves to contribute for salesforce communities and active on these communities and always tries to learn something new in Salesforce. SaaSnic Technologies wish her a great salesforce journey.

Q. When you have started your Career in Salesforce?

Overall I started my carrier in 2010 and my journey took me through different CRMs (Siebel and Sugar CRM) to finally land in Salesforce in 2015. Trust me I have the most amazing experience in terms of product and exceptional community, that leads me to stick to Salesforce forever.

Q. How you came to know about Salesforce?

I was working in other CRM product and while keeping track of the latest news I came to know about Salesforce and its tremendous growth rate with increasing market share. Me and my husband (He is also in Salesforce) decided to make a move to Salesforce. And we never regretted the decision.

Q. What are your Salesforce expertise?

I am currently holding 2 certificates: Certified Admin and Platform Developer I Skill wise I am full-fledged admin and started my developer journey a year back and loving it. I am also a Trailhead Addict with more than 300 badges.

Q. What you want to do for the Salesforce community?

I am always excited about community because I know if I want to start anything people will be there to help, if I will ever need help people will be there and if I fall there will be hands to lift me up again. From my side I am running Amsterdam Women in Tech User Group and trying to connect women from different walks of life and in different stages of their carrier. We had several successful events and able to cater issues/challenges faced by women and empowered them with Salesforce knowledge. I am active Answer Success Community (Also on Collaboration groups) contributor, I get a great sense of satisfaction when my answers help to save people time and guide them to achieve better in future.
I also write Blogs and try to spread awareness and solve problem using my Blogs.
Two new editions are:
YeurDreamin - I am one of the organizing team member for the Salesforce Community Led event in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherland and Luxemburg) region. Mentorship Central - I recently started to mentor people who required help in different areas of Salesforce one to one.
Pipeline Items: I am in talk with RADWomenCoach team - to be trainer in the next sessions. Hope for the best

Q. What are your further plans for the betterment of the Salesforce?

Contribute to ideas of Salesforce, Building some dynamic applications and component of Non-profit. So that people across the community can benefit from it.

Q. Any ideas you want to share for the improvement of Salesforce?

Improvement is a journey and Salesforce very well knows that. We see it in the form of 3 releases in a year and big announcements in Dreamforce. In between while using Salesforce we get several ideas and I keep posting it in Idea Exchange.

Q. How much you are convinced with the concept of SFDC Hero?

Oh, I love it. This community is running because everyone values everyone else. And SFDC Hero is providing a great platform where the contributor feel appreciated and others get idea/inspiration from their stories to give back to community. Keep doing the great work.

Q. Few motivational words you want to share for the betterment of the new people in Salesforce?

I suggest to all new people that go and ask for help if needed, there will be always someone to help you out. And once you get benefitted, do your part and help others and let the community going.

Q. Since how long have you been serving the Salesforce Community?

More than a year.

Q. Why do you think you should be chosen as the SFDC_Hero?

I consider every community member as hero, each one are doing their part. I am also doing my part I am active answer community member (help people to resolve the issue), I am #Amsterdam WIT Leader and conducts meetups for women, I am also part of the YEURDreamin Project for the Benelux region, I also write Blogs and very active on social media platform like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to help and promote Salesforce Users.

Q. Complete the sentence. SFDC HERO is.......

The one who is always ready to help other to the best of his/her capability. And ready to increase its armour with new learnings everyday.

Q. Best answer in Salesforce community?



My name is Bhavna Banodha, I am currently working with ECCO as Salesforce Consultant in Amsterdam, Netherlands. My day to day work includes development as well as configuration.



Salesforce Certifed